What’s new? Let me tell you!


Just an update on the art life of myself. Finished things! After a long while of communication, revisions, different print shops…The first wave of shirts have been made of my Jackson Galaxy design! You can find them on his site here: https://store.jacksongalaxy.com/store/jg/item/62765/jackson-galaxy-long-sleeve-t-shirt?source=4-3345-8

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 11.21.17 AM

I discovered the website Fiverr mid-late last year and thought it was a neat idea. So I created a gig just doing one simple styled portraits for…just $5! Which you make only $4 of….I thought it would be good practice…but then it slowly killed my soul. So many orders. Endless. In about the first month I did over 100. And then came email requests. Needless to say I shut it down. But I did a lot of fun portraits, and met a ton of great people! I DO still take requests, but they are no longer…$5…Check some of them out!


Lastly…The main consumption of my time has been spent doing 3d and illustrating for a mobile game my studio is making! We started it last year and hoping to wrap it up mid this year. It has been a CRAZY process and learning experience. I cannot show anything yet but here in the next months we should be getting up our website for it! SO stayed tuned. In the mean time…A for fun app we’ve created called “Filthy Bear” has been submitted for approval today and I will post with the link assuming it gets approved!


Keep cool everyone ❤


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