The Pots n’ Pan


I recently worked on this quick animation with a co-worker. It was a fun chance to design and illustrate some kitchen pots and pans people! We animated mostly in C4D, and finished in AE. We were able to knock it out in about 2 days! You can also check it out on Greyscalegorillas site as it was made for one of his 5 second projects, and won!


DOOM. A short animation.


Here is a short animation myself and another co-worker made. We made it in a short period of time, as an internal project within our studio. We just got a hairless kitten “Doom” who hangs out most days, making sure we get our work done on time. We all thought it would be fun to split off into teams and each make a short animation, in any style, all about our new feline friend. Hope you enjoy!

CHAPTER 1: DOOM IN SPACE from S77 on Vimeo.