For the last 5 months I’ve been working with a team of 5 to create the newly revised Spinjas! We created a full app as well as a new version of the actual toy. We just announced as well as demoed at this years NYC ToyFair! We are currently wrapping up the app which will be released for android and iOS. Buy the toy¬†and scan them right into the game to play! Here is the first wave of 24 characters and many more to come. I will be posted more frequently on this as well as multiple other app we have no released!




I get some D&D in once in awhile. This is a friends character, a Shifter Ranger for you fellow nerds. It would be great to do the whole group when I get time, so we will see what time permits! Ranger



I have not had anytime for personal work! However I have something mad fun coming very soon for the iPhone and iPad. This is a link to the quick gameplay teaser to my companies first game PEST. Check it out! It will be super free for one level until we finish it up!