Cats Galore shower curtain?!


Cats Galore shower curtain?!

Why you may ask? Because they can. Now if only they were not SO expensive. (I love how I have no say in prices (but i guess I cannot complain because I don’t have time to make and sell things myself.)) Regardless, check it out, it IS pretty fun.

Cat Pad 01


Hey all! So my latest side project has been designing and building Cat Pads, seeing as I have a few cats myself. This idea started when looking for a different kind of play house for my animals, and only finding super expensive boring ones. So decided to instead make one. It started in 3d using C4D to mock it up. That process only took a few hours and was a great way to figure out the scale! After that, went into production. Thankfully my family lives not far away, and my dad was more than willing to lend a manly hand and a garage. SO this is the result! It comes equipped with tennis balls, scratch pad at the bottom. small house for mad hangs, and of course a hammock for lounge sessions. Needless to say, this bad boy is used nonstop. It was definitely more expensive then buying one, but well worth it. I am now in the process of building a second one for a co-worker. A much more grand and stylized one for his 2 new cats. It is called “The Doom & Gloom Rooms.” Updates on that soon. I have 2 or 3 more lined up after. Hope you enjoy! Cat Pad model01