Mozilla’s Firefox project


I had the opportunity with my studio to animate the Firefox for Mozilla. This was used for a huge event, the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. We animated for a couple of months, and it was my first real time working…in Flash. Which I’m still a little “meh” about. But it was a lot of fun! character_style_sheetmwc14-booth


Interior Design for Dummies!


Interior Design for Dummies!

A quick project I’m working on for my sister. She is a college professor, and runs the yearbook staff. This year they are moving into a new space, which they have a lot of say in the design of. So she sent me the blueprints and I whipped this up for her to use as a go by. Still work to be done, and better renders to be…rendered. All done in Cinema4D.

New Showreel from my studio S77.


We had one hell of a year at S77. From working with T.I., CeeLo, and the Muppets to Long John Silvers, Discovery Channel, and so many other fun projects. 2012 was a ride, and I can’t wait to see what the new year brings.

CeeLo Green and the Muppets!


My studio S77 had a very busy past couple of weeks working on the new CeeLo Green and the Muppets music video “All I Need is Love.” We got the chance to do the special effects, and type work for the piece. This involved roto work, rod removal, a cg car, additional snow, creating the type and animating it, as well as many other things. Here is a link to our blog post on the video, which includes a behind the scenes video as well. Check it out!