This is me.



I am 24 (28 now. That’s how long since I’ve updated this info!). Animate at S77 and Super88Games. When I’m not working, I enjoy grilled cheese, star gazing, and traveling. Preferably all at once. I also have two cats and a dog…and a human baby on the way! This is a collection of my things. I also do freelance work. So if you are looking for anything custom made or have any fun ideas for larger projects feel free to hit me up! Contact me at


7 thoughts on “This is me.

  1. Hi Scott, thanks for dropping by my blog. I love your stuff, especially the cats, of course! I look forward to checking out your new webcomic with the mysterious twist!

  2. Hi Scott, I discovered your job recently and I loved it, I’m design student and I have to explain about someone who inspires me and I like your work you help me a lot if you tell me that inspire you to make these beautiful works

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